Enabling financial inclusion

Loanzen offers lending products to individuals and micro-enterprises for purchase of used commercial vehicles.

Customer in focus

Primary individuals, Proprietorship
Business owners

In space of trading in agricultural goods, construction supplies, animal husbandry, hardware, leather, food products and textiles Ownership of shop/ service providers requiring regular transportation of equipment, supplies.

Logistics owners

Small transporters working with agri-produce marketing yards, industrial units, building material providers and larger transportation companies

Credit methodology

Loanzen has developed a credit framework focused on evaluating driver turned owner segment and other thin-file customers in this segment. Given that most of our customers would not have meaningful financial documentation (bank/tax records/ financial statements), we have evolved a framework for evaluating credit worthiness of the applicant.

The sales and credit team work to map the earning potential of the specific asset in question given the applicant’s experience/ business strength, it’s typical expense patterns to generate a cash flow based viability assessment.

This also includes the stability and cash flow projection for the household to ensure sufficient cash to EMI coverage exists. The assessment is also based on contextual knowledge of earning potential for specific industries/geographic clusters and routes.

Bringing value to the customer

Loanzen focuses on offering value on the following parameters to the customer segment it operates in

Access to capital

Key mission for Loanzen is to be able to focus on the thin file customers for whom a customized credit evaluation is necessary based on projected cashflows – this is done basis the proprietary credit assessment framework.

Turn around time

In a segment where ability to purchase the asset you wish to acquire depends on the speed at which funds can be arranged, turn around time is a very important benchmark for customers. Loanzen achieves through a combination of process and technology to ensure industry leading TAT

Customers' Voice